Officer James
Officer James
Biographical information
Full Name
Officer James
Officer James (by everyone)
Police Officer
Resides In
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Lola Perez (Girlfriend)

Fur Elise by Beethoven
Production Information
First Appearance
Portrayed By

Officer James is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting.

He is portrayed by Max Lloyd-Jones.



This information is currently unknown.


This information is currently unknown.



Lola Perez

Officer James met Lola when he was giving her a traffic ticket since Lola parked at the loading zone. Lola tried to convince him that she was unloading portfolios for an art internship. When the ringtone of Fur Elise by Beethoven rang from Lola's purse, she was confused until she realized that Jenny and her had swapped phones. Officer James was intrigued by her ringtone, stating that Fur Elise is one of his favorites. Lola ended up rejecting Zac Chase's invite (thinking Lola is Jenny) to the concert. Officer James told Lola that he is a just a rookie and he still gave her the traffic ticket. When he gave Lola the traffic ticket, he told her that she is a smart girl and she could figure out what to do. When Lola was arrested and brought to the police station, Officer James bails her out and gives her some advice on responsibility. At the end of the movie, Officer James returns Lola's drivers license (which Lola left at the police station) and asks her out.


—Officer James to Lola
Fur Elise, one of my favorites.
—Officer James to Lola
Is that your boyfriend calling?
—Officer James to Lola
That's a great idea.
—Officer James to Lola
How about Saturday?
—Officer James to Lola


This information is currently unknown.


The image gallery for Officer James may be viewed here.

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