Biographical information
Full Name
Belle (by everyone)
Roller Skating
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Physical Description
Hair Color
Personal Information
AJ Anderson (possibly)

Production Information
First Appearance
Portrayed By
 Belle is one of the supporting characters in Adventures in Babysitting.

She is portrayed by Amy Thomas.

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Dont mess with the babysitter!
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Physical Appearance

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Jailer Swift-Siren

The Belles and Jailer Swift-Siren were fighting in the parking lot, which both of them were ended up at the police station. At the police station, another fight between them had occurred after when AJ took a picture with them using Lola's camera.


AJ Anderson

AJ and the Belles met at the police station. The Belles, Jailer Swift-Siren, and the Sirens were fighting in the parking lot, which it caused them to go to the police station. At the police station, the Belles saw AJ came up to where Jailer Swift is at and she told her that she had been trying some moves for six months. Then, Jailer told her to show it to her to see what she had gotten so far. When AJ tried to do that, Jailer was impressed, but Jailer told her that she need to work on some moves, which Jailer showed her how you are supposed to do it. After Jailer showed it to her, AJ tried again and she successfully did it, which it made Jailer, the Sirens and the Belles got impressed by that. Later on when Lola got out of the jail, AJ, Jailer, the Sirens, and the Belles took a picture using Lola's camera. Then, it caused another fight to start at the police station due to the fact that someone is pushing someone else after the picture.


This information is currently unknown.


This information is currently unknown.



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